"What Is Truth?"

This famous, cynical question, once asked of Jesus by the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate, echos down to us through the ages. Are you, like Pilate, a cynic? Or are you an honest seeker? You say you want the truth, but can you handle the truth?


Do you really "owe" taxes simply because you earned "income?" What law (if any) makes you "liable" for income tax? Does congress have the authority to tax an inalienable right? What makes anyone a "taxpayer?" Does the IRS follow its own rules and regulations? Are we really free in America any longer?


Here at Truth Realm it is our intention to present the "Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth." Being fallible, it is certainly possible and probably very likely that we will fail to perfectly achieve that standard. Therefore, be fore-warned:

We are not here to hold your hand. What you do with the things that you learn here are ENTIRELY up to YOU. You, and you alone, are responsible for your actions. The appearance of any article or link on this site does not imply our complete endorsement of its content. Caveat emptor! God gave you a brain with the power of reason, use it! Nevertheless, we sincerely wish you (the honest seeker) the very best, and we hope that you will find the truth you are looking for.



The truth you find here may be pretty stiff and concentrated! If you find that you are having an adverse reaction, please don't abandon your treatment!  Instead, come back from time to time and take your truth in smaller, more managable doses!

As for you Pilate-like cynics, deep in your heart you know what you deserve and can expect!



Atlas Shrugged is a novel that has generated inspiration and controversy since its publication in 1957.

Its theme is the role of individual achievement in society and its goal is to demonstrate what can happen when individual achievement is undervalued, suppressed and demonized. Complex characters embody heroism and evil, in a plot that combines drama, mystery, romance, and science fiction - the result is ultimately inspirational, not apocalyptic.

Dagny Taggart is one of the finest female heroines in modern literature: intelligent, courageous, and as beautiful as she is strong. She is a rare screen example of life lived on one's own terms, for one's own values. Steel magnate Henry Rearden says, "My goal is to make money" with pride. He is an industrialist who improves the quality of life for all - and values his reward. Atlas Shrugged's villains are evil, but as familiar as our local neighbor - as they undercut and subvert talent and achievement.


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