"Free" Energy?

According to some scientists, we are immersed in a seething sea of energy that we cannot perceive with our senses. This "quantum flux" of "virtual photons," also known as "zero-point energy," has the potential of revolutionizing and changing life as we know it. Some say that the "powers that be" are well aware of the possibilities offered by "free energy" and that they work overtime to obscure, ridicule, and prevent its development as a practical source for human needs.

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Energy Links

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Using sunlight to convert water to energy? Visit Sun Catalytix.

Jean-Luis Naudin's experimental research site, JLNLabs. Incredibly well documented!

Steorn - magnetic energy motor development.

New Energy technology from Black Light Power. Look at their molecular modeling software!

Check out the energy courses at Pancea University.

Alternative Health

Why are so many so sick so often? What ever became of the "War on Cancer?" Has it been lost? What is the truth about gaining and maintaining good health?

Health Links

Visit the best cancer treatment site on the internet: CancerTutor.

Learn about Colloidal Silver.

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