Are you Free ?

Then, why not act like it?


In the words of a popular song, "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free"....


How confident are you of that freedom? Are you really free? Unless you can voluntarily exchange goods and services with others of like-mind without interference from government at all levels, youi are not truly free - you are chattel, beholden to the "powers that be."  read more

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Are You Free? Then, why not act like it?

Why I Can Neither Love Nor Leave The USA by George Donnelly


More Articles To Come

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Listen to the words of a wise man, Fredrick Bastiat, as he explains how The Law has been terribly perverted!

This is an MP3 presentation in two parts: The Law part 1 and The Law part 2


Watch and consider this short film, George Ought To Help.


Visit the "Build Freedom" website, created by Fredrick Mann.


Statutory Law or Common Law? Isn't it about time that you learn the difference?


Visit the Supreme Law Firm and study up!


Learn about "agorism," or the true free market. Watch the archive videos of the recent "AGORIST UNCONFERENCE."


Did you know that you can organize a church or a business WITHOUT becoming beholden to the government? Learn how with the great resources from NACRS.

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