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Can You Handle the Truth About Income Taxation?

The founders of Truth Attack are catalyzing a coalition of Tax Honesty organizations, building the combined strength in numbers necessary for effectively fighting the IRS beast.

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 New "Truth Attack" Website Announced

Ever since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the perpetually growing dark tendrils of The IRS Eagle, Ron Paul, and Tax Terrorisman evil financial tyranny have relentlessly spread throughout our once financially free nation. Here's a short history:

Like the proverbial frog placed in a pot of cool water and not noticing the heat gradually turned up, the American public has become acclimated to ever increasing taxation across many generations. Consequently, while the current generation has a disquieting sense that something is seriously wrong, we are hard-pressed to put our finger on the precise flaw in our system of American taxation.

"Tax Protesters" have existed in one form or another since the beginning, but have rarely connected with mainstream America. However, since the coining of the more accurate "Tax Honesty" term in the mid-90's, and coinciding with the growth of the vast communicating power of the internet, the number of those who understand the fraud has grown by leaps and bounds.

We are now squarely in the middle of what commentator Dave Champion calls "Tax Terrorism Season," that period from the first of the year until the "magic date" of April 15th (the REAL April Fool's Day) during which the IRS cranks up their propaganda machine to frighten everyone into filing and paying.

Well-meaning citizens have in some instances hassled those who choose to stand up against the IRS machine. Such was the case when attorney Tommy Cryer of Shreveport, Louisiana, set out to prove to a friend the "error of his ways" after his friend decided to stop filing tax returns. After two years of the kind of intensive legal research only an attorney can do so well, Cryer became a tax honesty supporter himself.

"Once you've taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law, obeying the law is only half the job.  You also have to be willing to fight for it."

The IRS took Mr. Cryer on in a landmark tax case and lost, bringing about the establishment of an organization known as "Truth Attack."

The first bullet of the Truth Attack mission statement says:

"To facilitate communication between all persons and organizations regarding the laws governing the federal income tax imposed upon the average, private sector, working class Americans and the truth about the common misapplication of the tax laws on the earnings of those freedom-loving Americans."

Old-line organizations that have been working in this field  for decades, such as the Free Enterprise Society, Freedom Law School,  and American Leadership Network, have become aligned with Truth Attack to help end the fraud.

Note that Truth Attack does NOT encourage you to immediately resist the tax yourself - rather, by joining with Truth Attack in a growing movement to bring the truth to the conscious awareness of the American public at large, you can help -- through the power of education -- to speed the day when this fraud will no longer oppress hard-working Americans.

In a frontal attack against the IRS propaganda machine, Truth Attack last year launched "Operation Stop Thief." Groups aligned with the organization gathered in front of 734 Post Offices nationwide on "tax day," holding signs saying "What Income Tax?" and passing out a half-million fliers informing victims of the IRS fraud about what the law actually says. You can register your group to participate in an even greater outreach this year, and receive a very helpful and instructive set of supporting materials for "Operation Stop Thief II."

Whose Money Is It, Anyway? - Jesus, Ron Paul, and TaxesThe new Truth Attack Website substantially improves upon the professional appearance of the organization. Based on a slick open-source content management system known as Joomla, the new site should also make it easier to update and maintain quality educational materials for public access. It will no doubt provide a focus for organization, and for spreading the information needed to bring about greater public knowledge of -- and resistance to -- the government's systematic, fraudulent, and illegal misapplication of tax law to the average working American citizen.

As the old sayings go, "Knowledge is Power," and "The Truth Shall Set You Free." Can you handle the truth about income taxation? Even if you presently think that you know you "owe Uncle Sam" just because you work for a living, why not expose yourself to the facts and the law presented on the Truth Attack website? Maybe, like Tom Cryer, you can try to set someone straight about taxes. Maybe, just maybe, you'll finally get it right yourself.


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