Truth in Taxation

Whether you may be aware of it or not, government and its agents at almost every level systematically lie to you by intentionally misrepresenting tax codes, statutes, and regulations. You owe it to yourself and your family to learn about this deception and, if possible, to take appropriate steps to free yourself from it.

This article is a "teaser" to get you thinking about something you may have taken for granted all of your life. You probably just grit your teeth as the magic date of April 15th approaches every year and prepare to "pay your taxes" along with everyone else. You've probably heard statements like "Nothing is sure except death and taxes" and "Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society." But did you know that from the founding of this country it has not always been this way?

Sure, everyone from your schoolteacher to your pastor to your accountant all tell you the same thing: You have got to pay "your taxes." If you don't you'll go to jail, you'll have your property taken away from you, civilization as we know it will collapse. But what if these are all "convenient lies," designed to keep all the sheep in line? Oh, maybe the teacher, the shepherd, and the bookkeeper don't necessarily think they're lying to you - of course, they all believe it too - but what if nearly everyone from the top to the bottom of society has been coopted into a massive fraud? Wouldn't you like to know the truth?

As a matter of fact and record, the federal income tax actually applies only to a small percentage of Americans. The IRS with the full cooperation of the courts, backed up by ignorant jurors, routinely and systematically misapplies the law to entrap and defraud hundreds of millions of Americans of their property. This is without a doubt the largest financial fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the world. And, as long as you remain willingly ignorant of the truth about this massive deceit, you effectively are a participant.

However, please don't simply take my word for it; please do your own homework and learn the truth for yourself. In the present day of the internet, it doesn't really take that much effort to "do the math" for yourself. Once you have it figured out, spread the word to your fellow-citizens and stand against this fraud, for the sake of your families and your children!

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